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NGCTimesplitters 2Sjors1006/12/2002
NGCResident EvilNicky1007/03/2003
NGCResident Evil ZeroNicky1011/03/2003
NGCZelda: The Wind WakerNicky1012/05/2003
NGCSuper Mario SunshineSjors1008/10/2002
NGCViewtiful JoeMarten1016/11/2003
NGCMetal Gear Solid: The Twin SnakesThymon913/04/2004
NGCSoul Calibur IINicky929/11/2003
NGCBeyond Good & EvilNicky917/03/2004
NGCNBA Street Vol. 2Marten918/09/2003
NGCWWE Wrestlemania X8Nicky925/02/2003
NGCSuper Smash Bros MelčeJoop914/07/2002
NGCThe Lord of the Rings: Return of the KingNicky907/11/2003
NGCWWE Wrestlemania XIXNicky931/10/2003
NGCF-Zero GXanna2815/07/2005
NGCFinal Fantasy: Crystal Chroniclesanna2815/07/2005
NGCInternational Superstar Soccer 2Joop713/09/2002
NGCKirby's Air RideVincent731/03/2004
NGCDonkey Kongaanna2715/07/2005
NGCWave Race: Blue StormJoop726/05/2002
NGCMetroid PrimeJoop726/03/2003
NGCSuper Monkey BallJoop725/05/2002
NGCWario Ware, Inc: Mega Party Game$anna2715/07/2005
NGCStar Fox AdventuresThymon706/10/2003
NGCTony Hawk's UndergroundTeun GC708/12/2003
NGCMario Kart: Double DashSjors717/11/2003
NGCLuigi's MansionJoop725/05/2002
NGCBurnout 2: Point of ImpactMarten730/12/2003
NGC1080° AvalancheNicky722/12/2003
NGCAnimal CrossingTeun GC705/10/2004
NGCEternal Darkness: Sanity’s RequiemNicky717/07/2003
NGCUltimate Fighting Championship: ThrowdownNicky706/08/2003
NGCStar fox AssaultSjors613/07/2005
NGCThe Urbz: Sims in the citySjors507/12/2004
NGCPokémon Channelanna2512/07/2005
NGCWWE Day of ReckoningNicky522/11/2004
NGCDef Jam VendettaNicky516/11/2003
NGCAggressive InlineNicky504/12/2003
NGCDoshin the GiantJoop505/03/2003
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