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PCThe Witchererikgame805/11/2007
PCFootball Manager 2008erikgame828/10/2007
PCCall of Duty 4: Modern WarfareSjors009/09/2007
PCS.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of ChernobylRonald Straver818/05/2007
PCSupreme CommanderRonald Straver807/03/2007
PCMedieval II: Total WarRonald Straver930/12/2006
PCCompany of HeroesRonald Straver907/11/2006
PCBattlefield 2142Thomasschouten831/10/2006
PCSword of the StarsSander van den B202/09/2006
PCPreyRonald Straver803/08/2006
PCGlory of the Roman EmpireNicky704/07/2006
PCRise of Nations: Rise of LegendsSjors812/06/2006
PCThe Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionRonald Straver930/04/2006
PCWar World Tactical CombatTeun GC414/04/2006
PCQuake 4erwinb818/12/2005
PCCall of Duty 2DennisRijken903/11/2005
PCDungeon Siege 2Mark708/09/2005
PCRollercoaster Tycoon 3: Dolle WaterpretSjors802/08/2005
PCGuild Warsvictor2920/07/2005
PCHitman: Contractsyoeri820/07/2005
PCUnreal 2: The Awakeningyoeri720/07/2005
PCMax Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payneyoeri820/07/2005
PCIn Memoriamyoeri620/07/2005
PCColin McRae Rally 04 (PC)yoeri812/07/2005
PCThe PunisherJoop706/04/2005
PCManhattan ChaseNicky310/02/2005
PCThe Battle for Middle-EarthNicky518/01/2005
PCHalf-Life 2Casper923/11/2004
PCHeroes of Might and Magic IIIMark729/10/2004
PCRome: Total WarHuub918/10/2004
PCKult Heretic KingdomsArnoud915/10/2004
PCDoom IIINicky913/08/2004
PCRC CarsTeun GC509/06/2004
PCRise of Nations: Thrones and PatriotsSjors708/04/2004
PCRainbow Six 3: Raven ShieldNicky930/01/2004
PCSilent Hill 3Nicky723/01/2004
PCThe Lord of the Rings: War of the RingNicky520/01/2004
PCYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the DestinyJoop505/01/2004
PCSecret Weapons Over NormandyNicky704/01/2004
PCNeed for Speed: UndergroundNicky502/01/2004
PCStar Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicKoen723/12/2003
PCNeed for Speed: UndergroundNicky910/12/2003
PCCall of DutyMarten924/11/2003
PCFifa 2004Nicky919/11/2003
PCFord Racing 2Nicky310/11/2003
PCAge of Mythology: The TitansNicky904/11/2003
PCFreedom FightersNicky522/10/2003
PCHalo 2Nicky1019/10/2003
PCGhost MasterNicky903/10/2003
PCPost MortemNicky722/09/2003
PCMidnight Outlaw: Illegal Street DragStef530/08/2003
PCDragon's Lair 3DNicky526/08/2003
PCEnter the MatrixNicky725/06/2003
PCRise Of NationsSjors903/06/2003
PCGrand Theft Auto: Vice CityNicky921/05/2003
PCNeed For Speed Hot Pursuit 2Arnoud717/05/2003
PCAnno 1503Nicky705/05/2003
PCUnreal Tournament 2003Nicky926/04/2003
PCPostal 2Nicky718/04/2003
PCFreelancerTeun GC907/04/2003
PCNew World OrderNicky505/04/2003
PCMetal Gear Solid 2: SubstanceNicky931/03/2003
PCBattlefield 1942Koen925/03/2003
PCRalliSport ChallengeTeun GC724/03/2003
PCAge of MythologyKoen924/11/2002
PCWWE RawNicky524/10/2002
PCZoo Tycoon: Dinosaur DigsSjors526/07/2002
PCSoldier of Fortune 2Nicky916/07/2002
PCGrand Theft Auto 3Nicky921/06/2002
PCMech Warrior 4: Black KnightNicky302/06/2002
PCMech Warrior 4: VengeanceNicky308/05/2002
PCDungeon SiegeTeun GC905/04/2002
PCWarriors 2Koen921/03/2002
PCMedal of Honor: Allied AssaultNicky906/03/2002
PCAmerican McGee's: AliceNicky911/02/2002
PCStar Trek: Klingon AcademyKoen929/01/2002
PCReturn to Castle WolfensteinTeun GC703/01/2002
PCZoo TycoonSjors912/12/2001
PCBicycle CasinoTeun GC711/12/2001
PCHarry Potter en de Steen der WijzenNikki927/11/2001
PCFifa 2002Nicky509/11/2001
PCSheep, Dog 'N' WolfNikki711/10/2001
PCToca 2Koen909/10/2001
PCGP 500Dennis903/10/2001
PCEscape from Monkey IslandNicky931/08/2001
PCSchizm: Mysterious JourneyNicky1021/08/2001
PCDiablo 2Koen1012/08/2001
PCEmperor: Battle for DuneTeun GC1025/06/2001
PCFormula One 2001Teun GC712/06/2001
PCMortal Kombat 4Nicky727/05/2001
PCX-Wing AllianceKoen903/05/2001
PCSettlers 4Dennis727/04/2001
PCBlack & WhiteNicky1021/04/2001
PCGrand Prix 3Teun GC903/04/2001
PCSilkolene Honda Motocross GPDennis730/03/2001
PCProject I.G.INicky1028/03/2001
PCCounter StrikeNicky714/03/2001
PCDino CrisisNicky707/03/2001
PCFinal Fantasy VIIINicky727/02/2001
PCPong: The Next LevelNicky723/02/2001
PCThe Sims: Het Rijke LevenDennis717/02/2001
PCThe SimsPatrick716/02/2001
PCTiger Woods PGA Tour 2001Nicky714/02/2001
PCF1 Championship Season 2000Teun GC910/02/2001
PCNo One Lives ForeverTeun GC907/02/2001
PCSettlers 3Nicky724/01/2001
PCQuake 3 Team ArenaNicky1022/01/2001
PCA2 Racer 3Dennis704/01/2001
PCResident Evil 3: NemesisNicky1002/01/2001
PCSega Rally 2Dennis702/01/2001
PCFrogger 2Nicky910/12/2000
PCGrand Theft Auto 2Teun GC909/12/2000
PCRoller Coaster Tycoon: Bochtige BanenTeun GC909/12/2000
PCTomb Raider ChroniclesNicky903/12/2000
PCDeep Space Nine: The FallenNicky502/12/2000
PCStar Trek Voyager: Elite ForceNicky918/11/2000
PCTony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2Nicky1016/11/2000
PCKiss: Psycho CircusNicky714/11/2000
PCRed Alert 2Teun GC712/11/2000
PCCommandos 2: Men of CourageKoen911/11/2000
PCFifa 2001Nicky911/11/2000
PCHalf LifeNicky704/11/2000
PCMidtown Madness 2Nicky702/11/2000
PCMoto Racer 2Nicky731/10/2000
PCMTV SkateboardingNicky1024/10/2000
PCPopulous 3Nicky718/10/2000
PCVampire: The Maquerade RedemptionNicky718/10/2000
PCSonic RNicky917/10/2000
PCMillenium Soldiers ExpendableTeun GC717/10/2000
PCRailroad Tycoon IINicky517/10/2000
PCCarmageddon 2Nicky716/10/2000
PCBaldur’s Gate 2Koen906/10/2000
PCWCW NitroNicky505/10/2000
PCMetal Gear SolidNicky901/10/2000
PCPrince of Persia 3DNicky730/09/2000
PCLego RacerNicky930/09/2000
PCSim City 3000Nicky725/09/2000
PCBaldur’s GateKoen923/09/2000
PCFifa 2000Nicky722/09/2000
PCNeed for Speed 5: Porsche 2000Sjors919/09/2000
PCDungeon Keeper 2Sjors918/09/2000
PCSoldier of FortuneNicky916/09/2000
PCMichelin Rally MastersTeun GC913/09/2000
PCAliens vs PredatorNicky908/09/2000
PCCarmageddon TDR 2000Nicky1007/09/2000
PCUnreal TournamentNicky904/09/2000
PCThe Devil InsideNicky927/08/2000
PCMidnight RacingNicky926/08/2000
PCTheme Park WorldTeun GC720/08/2000
PCQuake 3 ArenaNicky917/08/2000
PCSuper 1 KartingNicky317/08/2000
PCUefa Euro 2000Nicky715/08/2000
PCPokémon Trading Card GameNicky509/08/2000
PCLe Mans 24 HoursTeun GC912/06/2000
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